What am I?

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What am I? Vegetable Identification


We have a Red Russian Kale and Tuscan Kale. The Russian kale we have been growing for a few years. It is popular here at the farm and the Farmers Market. Tuscan kale is a new one for us this year and so far we like it very much. 
Red Russian Kale

Tuscan Kale


We grow 4 varieties of beets. Early in the Spring when the beets are golf ball size or a little bigger you can eat both beet root and greens. Later in the year when the beets are bigger, the greens may not be as appetizing

Red Detroit, Golden, Chioggia, Cylindrical 

This is a mild tasting vegetable that will take on any flavor. We like it best raw, cut in strips with ranch or your favorite dressing or grated in a slaw. When cooked it has a firm potato like texture.


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