Thursday, May 28, 2015

Circle of Life

Circle of Life

These pictures were taken in February. 

Definitely to cold for birds to make nest for little ones.

Two months later and nest are being built and soon after laying eggs and babies hatching out of eggs.

This nest is so amazing. The green is moss that grows on the side of trees & when you put your hand next to the nest it is warm. My guess is the heat is generated by the moss decomposing. This particular nest is a chickadee nest. Each time I peeked at the nest the eggs had been moved around.

Then one day I see naked baby birds, we were so glad to see some feathers on these babies.
And a new generation of birds already starting a new nest.

This is a blue bird nest that was in one of the boxes pictured above with the icicles.

I just love the beautiful baby blue of these eggs.

This is how we check bird nest on the farm!!

Wrens nest up in the paper boxes.
First flight.

First flight.

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