Monday, June 3, 2013

Tuesday Market Meal- Squash & Onions with Sausage

I know it's not Tuesday, not even Wednesday. Well the squash I picked are for market tomorrow so that has to be close enough. The whole time I was pickin', the squash were taunting me with how good they would be with the sausage I bought from Sunshinee Farms at the New Bern Farmers Market. What can I say, I'm weak! So here it is:

This feeds 2 people.
8 hand size yellow squash
2 small sweet onions
1 clove of garlic
1 package of sausage (Hot country Sausage with peppers and onions)

I cook squash in my ole cast iron frying pan. Start out with your sausage, med heat brown on all sides, put to the side (it's not completely cooked yet). Brown onions (salt & pepper) in sausage grease, I had to add some oil because this sausage is not greasy enough to brown onions and squash too. Next I add the squash, (salt & pepper) let some brown before you stir it up, then brown some more. By now their should be some liquid from the squash (add that garlic) but add about a cup or more. Throw those sausage on top cover and cut down the heat and let simmer. Go back and stir it a few times, when your squash is tender uncover and cook out the liquid. Sausage will be done now. Enjoy!

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