Monday, June 10, 2013

Tuesday Market Meal Squash & onions w/ chicken.

Ok, Ok I know this time it isn't even Tuesday yet. Technically the vegetables are rejects that didn't make the cut for tomorrows market. So the not so pretty ones made it to my kitchen tonight. This is not a big production about 8 yellow squash, 1 yellow zucchini & 3 chicken breast (3 because there were no 2 breast packages). I salt & peppered the chicken and browned them in the ole frying pan (med heat) with some olive oil, then added onions to brown. When the onions were brown I took out the chicken breast covered them with a plate and added the squash to brown (high heat). After a few stirs to get more of the squash brown I added the chicken back to the pan, poured in about a jelly jar and a 1/2 of water, then covered. (low heat) Simmer till most of the liquid is gone, uncover cook out the rest of the liquid. Done!
Fresh Squash

See these are the ones that didn't make the show.

Brown up the chicken and onions.

By placing chicken between the two plates the chicken is still cooking.

Waiting while the bottom layer is browning.
Flip and let some more brown.

Add chicken back to pan add water and.....

let it steam and finish cooking.

Perfectly cooked chicken, moist and tender....ok so I didn't mention the green beans it was just a handful and yes they technically could have gone to market. I just couldn't help myself.

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