Monday, June 10, 2013

The Simple Cucumber Sandwich

It's time for cucumbers again!! Yeah, this is a wonderful thing, my mom will eat at least 4 cucumbers a day until they quit growing. She loves cucumbers but can only eat the ones we grow. The ones in the grocery store are usually coated with wax and more than likely have had pesticides and herbicides sprayed on them. And when ever she eats them they do not set well in her stomach. So now it the time when the eating of the cucumbers starts! I don't know if eating cucumber sandwiches (and I mean sandwiches not finger food) is regional but I do believe they way we eat them is all within a family. For example growing up my mom made the sandwiches with Miracle Whip long slices of cucumbers, salt & pepper. My husband makes his with mayonnaise, salt, pepper & round slices of cucumber that have been sitting in apple cider vinegar for a little while. So now I have adapted mine to mayonnaise, salt, pepper, long slices & 4 round slices of vinegar cucumbers. I have heard some folks use cream cheese, add onion or sliced ham. I think simple is the best. How do you eat your cucumber sandwiches?

Peel cucumbers.
Sit in vinegar for a few minutes. See how thin he likes them you can see through the cucumber.
Vinegar, salt & pepper.
He likes generous mayonnaise.
Pile on those cucumbers.
Yum. Yum.

I like a lite coat of mayonnaise.

1/4 inch thick pieces of cucumber. Then just 4 of the vinegar soaked ones.

Then I smash the bread down, helps keep the cucumbers from sliding out. BTW we both had two.

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