Monday, June 10, 2013

Quick Radish Fixin's

Recently in Our State Magazine there was an article on radishes. It had 2 recipes, one for Lacto Fermented Radish Pickles and another for Vinegar Pickled Radishes. We are still picking crunchy royal and watermelon radishes. And the daikon radishes for a while longer. So I thought this would be an easy recipe I could do in a morning and be able to take some to the market Saturday to help boost sales. I think everyone is tired of just eating radishes raw. BTW they are very good sautéed in olive oil with a little salt & pepper. OK now back to the pickled and fermented radishes. I have adjusted the recipe a little because I made them in quart jars. But basically I just, not quite doubled the amounts:) I'll half them with Willis he can take half to the Onslow County Farmers Market and I will take the other to the New Bern Farmers Market.
I will add to this blog next week on the out come of the taste and how it goes at market.

Top Daikon, Left watermelon, Right Crunchy Royal

They sure are pretty all cut up.

I let them sit in ice water because I had picked the late Friday evening for market so they were 3  days old. Still crunchy but I figured it couldn't hurt.

This is the ginger root.

Right fermented, Left pickled. I added the  1/2 cup of the liquids to each after adding the salt so it could dissolve, also in the pickled recipe I use 1cup of cider vinegar with the white distilled just because I like the flavor better. 

I shook them up some and I will do it some more so hopefully the ginger will be more distributed in the jars.

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