Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Market Meal Tuesday- Sweet corn & white patty pan squash w/ dried sausage

Yes it is a "Market Meal Tuesday" actually on Tuesday!
We traded corn for dried sausage from Sunshinee Farms, had corn and white patty pan squash left over from market. And yes, of course I cooked it in the frying pan, the whole meal. Sorry I'm not more inventive but it's quick and easy.

Chopped patty pan squash.

I added sausage and shucked corn in the pan with enough water for corn to be about half in water. Salt and pepper. I let this boil about 3-5 min. then flipped everything over and let cook another 3-5 min. Next there should be a picture of the squash added to the pan, cover and let cook another 3 min or so. Then I took out the corn held it with a clean towel and cut off the corn, then added it back to the pan.

Here I added a pat or two of butter and it was finished.

Quick easy and mmm, mmmm good!

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