Sunday, June 23, 2013

Market Meal Tuesday. Stuffed Round Zucchini.

This is a meal that just evolved over 3 days. Monday night we fixed Squash & Onions W/sausage. I also brought home a round zucchini that didn't make the cut for Tuesdays market. Tuesday morning I cut the top off the zucchini and took out the seeds (I used the ice cream scoop). First I poured a quart bag of tomatoes I froze last year in the crock pot. Next I stuffed the round zucchini. Layer of squash, layer of cheese (I shredded and used a pepper jack and gouda, but use what you have on hand), sliced up the sausage for another layer and then did it again. Then a good layer of cheese on top. Plop the stuffed zucchini in the crock pot.

 I have a very hot pot so I used the low setting. Started about 8am and by 4pm it was done. When I got home from market I had 4 small left over ears of corn so I shucked them and nestled them down on the sides in the tomato juice and cut the crock up on high so they could cook. We ate half the round zucchini and 1 corn each.

Sorry I don't have any more pictures but the next night I cut the corn off the ears and cut up the rest of the zucchini, added 8 small red potatoes and a handful of green beans plus a cup and 1/2 water. This cooked 4 hours on high. What a great soup this made!

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