Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yellow Squash & Onions

Picked the first yellow squash yesterday. Can't wait to get it in the frying pan! Since this is the first squash of the season there is no other way to fix it but with bacon and onions. Yes, bacon grease! EVBG (extra virgin bacon grease). Because I didn't have any already jarred in the fridge and wanted the extra crunch I started with uncooked bacon. I usually cook the bacon on low because then I can chop up the onions and squash.

Package of bacon
6-8 med yellow squash
2 med sweet onions
Salt and pepper

Cut up bacon (yes the whole package) and brown. Place in plate to the side. Pour grease in jar (I use a pint canning jar) add onions to your pan and more EVBG if needed and brown. When onions are brown I then add the squash, just pile it up. Let some on the bottom brown and turn squash over so some more will get brown, after turning a few times cover with a lid put heat on low or medium low. This should render enough water from squash to cook. Stir every now and then, when squash is done take off lid and finish cooking off  most of the liquid

Browned bacon to render EVBG

Browned onions
Chopped squash
Add squash Salt & Pepper
Cover, juice is already cooking squash
Beautiful cooked squash
After you plate your cooked squash crumble bacon on top, that is if any is left!

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