Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hydroponic Upset

Well bad news, we had to pull out everything that was growing in the hydro house because it was dying. Unfortunately because of  not well written directions we made a mistake. Because water runs through the system continuously their is a build up of algae. We got the stuff to take care of the algae and added it to the water, well guess what it also kills plants! So now we have cleaned the troughs of algae, drained all the water and refilled the tank, waited for the ph to be in good levels, now ready to go again. We have reseeded and have learned something new. Whoo Hoo! Til next time.
This was just the state of the basil, we thought it might make it because everything else looked so much worse. But it is not getting better, chunking out and starting over.


  1. Being born and raised on a farm, also, Julia, I can feel for you on such ventures and how it saddens the whole family when something like this happens. One thing for sure is that farmers are resillent people and will learn, do and accomplish what they are after to make crops better. I appreciate the taste of your produce at the Farmer's Market . JoNeeB

  2. Oh, what a shame- I'm so sorry that happened. Hate when you have to learn the hard way.....Hope it's smooth sailing with your nifty hydroponic system from now on!