Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Garlic Scapes

So what are garlic scapes? They are the flowers that grow from the plant (but it's not really flower like).
It is the curly looking stalk growing from the plant.

This is a better picture.
Each plant has one growing from the top. You cut these off so that more energy can go to the developing garlic bulb. And guess what they taste awesome!
Scapes ready for bundling.

I got a recipe from Carolina Grown, Carolina Living, also check out Recipes: Veggie Sides on this blog. Of course I did some additions of my own. Here is my version. All from 'R Garden.

Red potatoes
sweet onions
garlic scapes
olive oil
Salt & Pepper

I also made squash and onions.

I started with a 5lb bag of new potatoes, well 5 day old red potatoes that is why I scraped off the skins. 4 med sweet onions and 8 scapes. I know that is a lot but now I don't have to cook tomorrow night;) Brown onions and scapes, salt & pepper. I like to do this separate and then add to what I'm cooking.

Potatoes cut then add to hot pan of olive oil. Brown some of the potatoes stir and brown a few more, remember to add your salt & pepper to taste. 

 Then add your onions and scapes, barely cover potatoes with water add a lid, keep covered and stir occasionally then uncover to cook off the rest of the water. When they are done cut off heat and sprinkle a good amount any cheese you like, let melt then eat.
Can you believe it, I actually remembered to take a picture before it all got gone!

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