Wednesday, April 4, 2012

First Delivery & Class

Sending out our first order of hydroponic bok choi to Persimmons Restaurant today. Last week they sampled our first pickin', they asked for more! We are so happy they like what we grow and are willing to work with us in this learning phase of the hydro house. So, if you get a chance go eat a fresh local meal at Persimmons Restaurant, New Bern, NC. They not only buy from us but other small farmers in the area. We are very pleased and proud to be part of their team in providing fresh local vegetables to their customers.
Pretty enough to eat!

Willis picking for Persimmons Rest.

We also had a class come out from Craven Community College today. Sustainable Agriculture taught by Cindy Blot.

We are hoping the College will start a program for Sustainable Agriculture here at Craven. 

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