Friday, June 18, 2010

Recipe: Roasting Peppers

How to Roast Peppers.

Roasting peppers adds incredible flavor. It must be done quickly. Do not cook till soft. Place peppers under a very hot broiler, a very hot grill or the flame of a gas stove. Turn peppers till all sides are blistered & blackened. Peppers can also be blistered by dropping in hot vegetable oil. Remove from heat & place in a paper or plastic bag. Secure opening to let peppers sweat & cool (aprox. 15 min or until you can handle them). This is a job that you can really get “hands on”. Leaving the stem attached, peel the outside skin from the pepper. Some like the Anaheim & Pimento have a very thick plastic-like skin. Others like the Poblano have a very thin skin & some people prefer not to remove it. After peeling use your finger to slit the side of the pepper from the stem down. Curl your finger around the bottom on the stem inside pepper & kind of pinch off the seeds! It takes a little practice but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy! Now that you have all these nice roasted peppers, what you don't eat right away, you can freeze these in freezer bags. Put enough in a bag for a recipe get as much air out as possible & pop in the freezer. Now your ready for a taste of summer in January.
Happy Roasting, Kitty

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