Friday, June 18, 2010

Recipe: Cool Cucumbers

'R Cool Cucumbers

8 cucumbers quartered & chopped
½ onion small dice
2 sprig of thyme
4 basil leaves shredded
2 Cloves garlic peeled
S&P to taste
6T herbal vinegar or apple cider vinegar
1c sour cream
1c mayonnaise
1 ¼ t dill weed or 1t fresh dill

In a bowl put cucumbers & onions. Using a knife or mortar & pestle mash up thyme, basil, garlic, S&P, vinegar & add to bowl. Mix well check for enough S&P, cover in put in fridge 30 min. Go back & mix ingredients up a few times. Drain off liquid then add sour cream, mayo & dill, mix well & put in fridge 10 more min. If that is to long go ahead & eat!
If you don't have all these ingredients don't worry. You can leave out the thyme, basil & garlic & still have a nice cool summer dish.

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