Saturday, May 22, 2010

This past week at the garden.

Several things happened here at 'R this week. We had a visit from our bee man. He said the hives are doing good and he added another level to the hives. This level should be where we get our honey from. The other levels have bee larve in them and will be hatching bees soon. The queen bee can not get to the new level so this will be all honey.
We also had a visit from a group of painters. They came out to the farm to paint and photograph the farm. We hope they will come back again!
Unfortunately we had a chick verses dog problem. My dogs (bird dogs) got to the chicks and we now have 24 instead of 50. This was not a very happy day and I should have known better. I was depending on the barn door not to open when miss. sara jumped up on it...... So we won't be doing that again. Mom ordered some more chicks. But I still feel very bad that I let that happen.
Now......the lettuce is through for the spring and we will be planting more for our fall crop. Most of the spring vegetables are finished and we just started getting squash and zuchinni and soon beans. Here are some pict from this past week...

Our chicky biddies after there big scare and move to new digs. They are looking much better now and are getting feathers

This is how 'R recycles!

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