Monday, May 17, 2010

Rain, Rain /This-n-That

Two days of glorious rain, nice and light so it soaks in, ahhhh. Just what the garden needed. The pepper and tomato plants seem to be perking up. The corn leaves had started curling (not a good sign) and we were wondering how to arrange the sprinklers.
I've got a few photos that had been taken earlier in the year. This first one is the greenhouse my grandfather built that we use to start plants in. When you walked in there was just enough room for you to turn around to place plants. Wow we sure have come a long way!

Have you ever seen a cricket shedding its exoskeleton? Me either, but I've got a picture.

Earlier in the year I was driving past the field and saw these lovely rosetts of cabbage. In the spring a flower sprouts from the center to form seeds, but in the winter it just keeps growing up forming the rosette.

Back in October my brother Brandon got married. For their wedding gift I gave them a cheese box filled with canned pickles and jellies I had made. While looking at his photos on facebook I spotted some of my jelly in the background.

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