Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Additions to 'R Garden

We have had some new additions to 'R Garden. A few weeks ago Granny (Julie) got a new dog. This past fall her Ralph passed away. She decided she was ready for a new companion so now we have Oscar or Roscar. Mom got him from Pals for Paws. He is still getting use to farm life but I think he likes it here.
This past Sunday we got two bee hives. Our honey man who we get the local honey from brought two hives out to help pollinate the crops. So when it is time to harvest honey we will have honey from 'R Garden. And last but not least today we got some new chicks or chicky biddies as we call them. They are aprox. 3 days old.
Isn't he a handsome fellow!

The two new hives.

Already hard at work!

The new Chicky Biddies

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