Monday, April 26, 2010

Getting the Troops Ready for Market

During the week Mom and I are getting plants ready to go to markets. Yes, we talk to them. "You there perk up you need to be ready by Fri." "Why arn't you flowering yet?" To the mint.."You can't be creeping into your neighbors pot." "OK basil, stand up straight or you will get a snip and have to wait till next week to go." Then on Friday afternoons when we get ready to load trailers... "Alright who wants to go to the market, look pretty because that's who goes." "Does everyone have enough water, you need a good soaking before you go in the trailer..Raise your limbs it you need water." It's always hard to choose because some plant always gets left behind only to hope to be chosen next week. Don't worry we also talk to the vegetables as we are picking and washing. It's a tough place at the garden, who goes, who stays. With the vegetables I guess it is a little easier, who ever dosn't make the cut gets us!

"Who's feeling's Friday guys and gals."

"You definately get to go!"

"You're looking good..Keep it up and you get to go in the trailer!"

"You guys are looking good."

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