Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beautiful Day Today!

Lots of things got done at 'R this week. We got a visit from Locavore Market Angela and her husband came out to see the farm. They are working on bring fresh vegetables to the Greenville area. If you are interested in fresh look them up on facebook or We hope to be adding to their week day offerings of fresh homegrown produce! Gallon tomatoes are being tied up for market and they are looking good! Today I was painting a vetetable display for my husband Terry to take to the Onslow Market wile I was working I kept hearing this humming sound. I looked all around could not figure what it was. Finely I looking up and in the red bud tree hundreds of bees were hard at work. Sometimes I'm so dense, of course it was bees! It took me all day to paint the dang thing but I had a symphony playing in the background. Took some photos and only got one bee (barely) but lots of other cool shots.

This is the one with the bee. Can you find her/him?

Liked this one with all the branches.

Just liked this one.

Peek a-boo shot.

The garden sure has grown a lot.

Mom trussing up tomatoes.

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