Sunday, March 7, 2010

We Got Our Grant!!

Wow! Things are really going to get exciting here at ‘R Garden we found out late Friday afternoon that we got our grant for hydroponic lettuce! Our grant comes from RAFI “Rural Advancement Foundation International”. The Reinvestment Fund assists farmers in developing new sources of agricultural income. This is a cost-share grant, meaning the grant only pays for a portion of the project. These grants are very competitive. One of the things they look for are projects that give opportunities for the new generation of farmers. We are very proud of the fact that Willis is interested in running the farm one day. By adding hydroponic lettuce we are hoping he will be able to make a living on the farm and not have to work “off farm”. We will also be posting our progress of building and starting to grow the “hydro” lettuce here to our blog. This will definitely be a family affair. We are very excited as well as nervous. Thank you to all our customers who have been interested in our new adventure. Once we get things up and running we want to have a family farm day to show you our hard work and introduce you to “hydro” lettuce. Oh btw if you see my husband “Terry” at the market tell him that you knew we would get the grant. Ha! Ha!

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