Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Reviving the Herb Beds

 Today has been a long one, started out the morning in the herb bed just weeding and getting rid of winter leaves & early spring weeds. Took all day but I think they are ready for the year. Willis planted tomatos, cucumbers & our test germination for squashes. It's also time to buy new sunblock for the year. I can feel my pink cheeks. Sunblock is very important here at the garden, no matter how much SPF or reapply we still manage to get a pretty good farmers tan!
Look I even got a picture of myself. The garlic chives are ready to start bringing bunches to the market. Later in the afternoon I planted onion chives & salad burnet (taste & smells like cucumbers).

The green in the back rt hnd corner & ft lft is oregano that usually makes it through the winter. To the rt in front of the oreg. is parsley. This afternoon I planted more parsley. The bags in the fore ground were where I had basil growing, we started it in the greenhouse with the tomatos then moved here. Not going to do the bag thing this year.
Wanted to show you this picture of my bay bush. It made it through this winter (I was worried) It's 7 years on the farm transplanted here when a friend moved to Va.
Willis proud of his work!!
Willis making rows in the greenhouse & yes that is Deuce in the back of Willis just making sure those rows are straight.

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