Sunday, March 21, 2010

Old Barns & New Aprons

Today Willis has been working on our old little barn. This was our first storage shed and of course it’s been years since anyone has thought of it as anything but the junk barn. Willis has been accumulating his own stuff, car parts, tools stuff like that which had ended up on the side porch. Any way Terry said it could be his if we could just store the lawn mower in it. This morning they leveled it up using a block and old landscape timber (fulcrum & lever) which we call Granddaddy (Moms Daddy) ingenuity. Ha, I was listening in Science class. Thank goodness for spell checker, because I still can’t spell. Granddaddy always said he could move anything with a rope and a pump pipe. And he did!!

Not quite a pump pipe, but it did the job. (Deuce)

And yes everybody helped. (Solman & Sara)

Most of the junk was thrown away. (Terry)

A nail gun make a quicker job (Terry & Willis)

Last week I found an old set of Spring Maid sheets (when they were still made in NC) in Mamma Jenny’s (Moms Mom, everybody called her Mamma Jenny) stuff. So I’ve started making aprons out of them for Mom & I to wear at the Market. I thought it would be a nice touch.

Not the best pict. I'll have a better one when it is done.

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