Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How about this weather!!

It has been a busy week here at 'R. We have been hard at work planting, planting & planting. Flowers are going in hanging baskets & vegetables in the garden. I've been making list of all the plants we have & adding more each day. Click on the right to find out what plants are being planted, what plants are ready to sell & a a general list of vegetables, flowers & herbs we will be having. I has been so nice out & we are getting a lot done. Here are some pictures of what has been going on.
Willis & Ehdoorah planting tomatoes in gallons to give you a head start.

We're not done yet!

Grampy (Tim) cutting potatoes.

Potatoes in the ground.

Willis working on the tractor.

Granny (Julie), Grampy (Tim), Willis & Ehdoorah
Hey I know you hardly ever see me in the pictures, I do help (Really!) but someone has to take the pictures!

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