Saturday, March 20, 2010

Great Day At The Market

We had a great day at the NBFM. The weather was beautiful and people were out and ready to plant gardens. Willis went to Oriental's FM and came back with a smile on his face! Grampy (Tim) had to come out to the mkt. with some more plants for us and I had to make a run back to the farm! I think everyone is ready to get outside & play in the dirt. We have been in the dirt as well this past week we planted spinach, beets & more broccoli. When Grampy came to the mkt. he had some daikon radishes. They were not hot because of wintering over.  And I have to say I'm ready for the veggies to start coming off so I can get in the kitchen and can, pickle or jelly something!! My stock is getting low and I'm having to tell people they have to wait till I get some more veggies. Uuuggg!
OK, so they look a little funny.

There is just nothing else to say!!

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