Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To Our Faithful Farmers Market Customers,

'R Garden is hoping to expand this year with hydroponics lettuce. As you know we are not able to grow lettuce year round. With "hydro" lettuce we can produce all year. No, we are not going to stop growing our seasonal lettuce fresh from the earth. What we need to know is-
Would you be interested in buying and eating locally grown "hydro" lettuce? We have been working hard to find a way to offer lettuce year round. To do this we have applied for a grant to help purchase the equipment we will need. Hydroponics, we have learned, comes with a lot of up front expenses. In a week we will be having an interview as part of the grant process. We need to include some feed back from you.
1. Would you buy hydroponic lettuce if it is available?
2. To get hydroponic lettuce would you be willing to pay a little more per head?
3. When our hydroponic system is up and running would you like to visit us and see your lettuce growing in this environment?
Any other comments your have will be welcome!

I just sent this email out and have already gotten 5 replys. thank you so much!!

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