Monday, February 22, 2010

Book Lovers Affair

Saturdays Book Lovers Affair at the New Bern Farmers Market was a great event. It was scheduled for last sat. but it snowed so we rescheduled for this sat. In today’s paper The Sun Journal there was an excellent article about The Book Lovers Affair. There were many authors from New Bern and the surrounding area. Here is a list of the authors & their books.* indicates an author with books featuring New Bern

Dr. Andrea Levinson
Life Beyond the Fear of Death
Death, Taxes...and Chocolate!
Nicholas Mathews*
New Bern at Night
Ben Watford
You Can’t Fall Off the Floor
A Man and a Mule
Karen Dodd*
Spirit of Union Point
Shifting Sands, Begin Again, Quinn
Vicki Prescott
Sweet Tea Please
Eddie Ellis*
New Bern History 101
In This Small Place
Historic Images of Havelock & New Bern
Susan Walker
I Know the Quigglebush Heroes
I Am the Quigglebush Bear
Maura’s Trunk, Pennsylvania
Mary of Nazareth, 101 Borden Street
Secret of the Dance
James Preston Hardison
Golden Tooth, Andy Beecham
The Sequel to Andy Beecham
Breaking Andy Beecham’s Heart
The Devils Daughter, Which is
Miracles on the Poke-a-No Matilda
Jack Robinson*
Captin Otway Burns,Ship Snap Dragon
Petteway Family Heritage
Simbar - Freed Slave Witness to WWII
Flora Ann Scearce
A Loving Voice II, Cotton Mill Girl
Singer of an Empty Day
Mary Lois Miller
Beyond the Realms of Morning
Cynthia Viloria
Simple Thoughts Simple Pleasure
Flavius Hall*
In the Sweet By & By,
Mama, Belks, and Me
Phil Bowie
Guns, Diamondback, Killers
Sarah Baker
Lucky Stars: Janet Gaynor & Charles Farrell
Richard Grayson
Weepin' Willie
Linda Bergman
Save Them All
Susan Inez
Skin Deep

‘R Garden was there with our first cutting of arugula (peppery flavor), tasio (mild mustard flavor) & mizuna (mild mustard green flavor), these are greens to add to salads. It was so nice to be able to bring something green.

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