Monday, January 25, 2010

'R Garden Kitchen 2009

This year 'R Garden Kitchen has had a lot going on. We have finally realized our goal of establishing a dedicated food preparation & canning kitchen. There we take 'R Garden Produce & NC grown produce to make the jellies and pickled items you love. This is also where we process the smoked, dried & ground peppers, pepper vinegars and also our dry rub. Oct. 2008 I went to a processing school required by NC Dept. of Ag. to learn about safe processing methods in canning. This year we have sent NCSU samples of our canned good to have tested, which is also required. (All came back approved) Our next hurdle was to register with the FDA & Homeland Security because we are a processing facility. During this time we had NC Dept. of Ag inspect our kitchen which passed with flying colors. Aug 2009 I attended a workshop sponsored by NCSU to assist me in creating a recall program which is also required. We are now waiting & waiting & waiting for our paper work to be processed and will soon be able to start selling our other pickled items. It seems like it has taken a long time and a lot of hurdles, sometimes frustrating, but you will know that our product will be of quality and a safe one. We appreciate your patience.

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